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Galileo Hernandez, that's right
27 March 2013 @ 11:30 pm
My national team won and the moment I saw that ball stretch the net, I jumped with my fists raised. We kept longballing even when there's nobody up front and Phil Younghusband's goal wasn't really a show of great play but with football, a goal is a goal. Of course, this contributed greatly to the otherwise disastrous day, disasters that I attribute to the 350-item exam and the class elections where I am thinking that even if I ticked a different blank it wouldn't have made a difference, and these are one of the times when I understand the people who don't even vote anymore and it's doing nothing but fuel my misanthropy, but that's not the case here. (And MCR split up, what the fuck?)

I'm not going to lie and say that what followed after the game didn't make me inwardly smile the whole time. I'm not going to lie that the gesture might have only been done to not seem as rude as he had been to me the past few months. But, yes, it made my day, because apparently we could still hold decent conversations and sit next to each other in peace and while actually exchanging words. Still, let me live in my fantasies for a while and think that that maybe we could rebuild bridges. And, yes, I realize that this makes me sound like some sort of hopeless romantic. And with my recently heightened hatred for the culture I am in, I don't know if this is a welcome thought or not.
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Galileo Hernandez, that's right
Ang isyu ay patuloy na pinaiikot tanging sa pagpapatiwakal ni Bb. Kristel Tejada lamang dahil hanggang ngayon ay mayroon pa ring ilan sa atin na hindi naiintindihan ang silbi ng kapitapitagang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas: na ito ay para sa mga estudyanteng nagnanais makakuha ng magandang edukasyon nang hindi inaalala kung paano sila makapagbabayad ng matrikula.

Dahil dati pa dapat ito pinag-usapan.Collapse )
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Galileo Hernandez, that's right
27 February 2013 @ 01:12 am
Anibersaryo na naman ng EDSA noong Lunes.

Magpapanggap pa ba tayo na nakaalis na tayo mula sa panlulupig ng mga may kapangyarihan at mas nakatataas (na tunay nga bang mas nakatataas)? Magbubulag-bulagan pa ba tayo at hahayaan lang na magkaroon ng elitismo sa lipunan, na mangibabaw ang mga taong gumagawa lamang para sa kanilang kapakanan at kanilang kapakanan lamang, na patuloy na lumaganap ang hindi pagkakapantay-pantay ng mga mamamayan, ang kawalan ng hustisya, at ang pagwawalang-bahala sa mga karapatang pantao?

Lolokohin pa rin ba natin ang ating mga sarili na ang mga kaganapan noong nakalipas na mahigit dalawang dekada ay hindi pang-iinsulto sa espiritu ng rebolusyong nagpatalsik sa isang diktador at nagbalik ng demokrasya sa bayan?

Niloloko nga ba natin ang ating mga sarili, o pilit lang nila tayong pinatatahimik?

Nalunok ng buwaya ang araw pagkatapos matanaw nang sandali ang bukang-liwayway, at hindi niya ito iluluwa kahit siya ay mamatay. Kailangang puksain ang dambuhala, buksan ang kanyang tiyan at muling isabit sa kalawakan ang araw.

Hahayaan ba natin silang talian ang ating mga kamay at takpan ang ating mga bibig?
Galileo Hernandez, that's right
Latin-derived spells are only used in the areas where they used to speak Latin (perhaps the old territories of the Roman Empire?). Perhaps wizards in Asia, Africa, America, Scandinavia, etc. have their own spells in their own old languages.

Either way, wizards could create spells, can't they? Didn't Snape engineer Sectumsempra? They don't have to be in Latin, I suppose.

I have corollaries to this theory, of course. Although they aren't really that clear in my head.

What the fuck am I doing, seriously?

Also, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 is on HBO right now as I am typing. Harry's fighting the Dark Lord now in the staircases.
Galileo Hernandez, that's right
24 December 2012 @ 01:09 am
I just realized I haven't posted this on my LJ, so here. My three-part story on Rose and Scorpius, and my attempt at sounding smart but not haughty, an attempt which I am not sure is fruitful.

Title: The Nostalgia Shop
Author: amorsolo

Characters: Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Marius Borgin
Rating: T
Word count: >8k
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Harry Potter series. I own Marius Borgin.
Summary: She’s the most appropriate employee for the most unlikely shop and she restores his faith in humanity. Or at least, makes him question his hatred for his generation. (In here, Borgin & Burkes accepts repairs to keep the shop going, and the generation basks in the glorious outcomes of a war their parents fought)

Here's chapter one.
Here's chapter two.
Here's chapter three.

I think I need an HP userpic now. After years of being an HP fan, I only see the necessity now. Well, my fan-hood reached its peak after the eighth movie, or after discovering Rose/Scorpius.

ETA: Here's the HP avatar. Haha
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Galileo Hernandez, that's right
Or, things I think of (but not including donuts) when I should be thinking of something else.

1. Why does Voldemort not have a nose?

Law of conservation of mass, or something like that. The 'ingredients' put in the cauldron were Tom Riddle, Sr's skeleton (or just one femur, too lazy to check), Wormtail's hand, and a couple of microliters of Harry's blood. The skeleton's there, so no problem, or if it was just a femur then the bones would be made of really thin matrix. Just a few drops of blood were in the Dark Lord's body that's why he's so pale. The tissue in Wormtail's hand would be stretched out and only used for the important/useful organs - brain, heart(?), eyes, respiratory system (or just the upper RT, I think) - to be able to think, speak and move. The soft tissue from Wormtail got severely stretched out and the integrity of the Dark Lord's body is only held together by magic. He has little muscle, perhaps paper-thin and only serves to move his feather-light body.Suspend your disbelief when it comes to where the Dark Lord gets his nourishment, and he was never seen eating in the movies, anyway. Magical nourishment. There.

Why does he not have a nose? He has nostrils, so there's the inlet for his air for talking. The turbinates would regulate airflow, yes, but he does not need to regulate his airflow, I think, if I remember anatomy and physiology correctly. He would not have to smell anything, what with all his Death Eaters, so he would not need the turbinates to direct the air towards the olfactory bulb. He does not have a lot of internal organs, either. He ain't got time for eating or shitting.

Maybe he has no anatomical brain and most of the magic concentrated in creating a magical brain in his cranium. That's something I haven't thought of much.

This theory is came from the statement: "Voldemort does not have a nose or an ass."

2. Why can't all wizards perform wandless magic after Hogwarts?

First of all, were they able to perform wandless magic before? Yes, but uncontrolled. Wizards get their first wands after receiving their Hogwarts letter, at age 11, and before that, they already show signs of having magic. In Hogwarts, they are trained to control their magic with the use of wands, but if we use the movies as a reference, it is still possible to use magic without the use of wands or other magical items. This, however, could only be done by a few wizards (I can remember Albus Dumbledore [and Draco, according to HP wiki, but the scene could be easily interpreted as otherwise]).

What happened? (I am using knowledge from Cracked.com and maybe Discovery channel here so it's very possible that I would present inaccurate stuff, but the gist's here.)

During the toddler years is when humans have the most number of synapses and that enables toddlers to accept a shitton of information. These synapses get pruned at, if I recall correctly (actually, I don't recall, I am just assuming) at age 3-4, around preschool, I assume, or a little earlier. Pruning is used quite literally - get rid of the synapses that won't be of use in the future. This also occurs after puberty. Or at puberty. I don't remember.

Perhaps with wizards, magic synapses get pruned during the first few years in Hogwarts. Synapses that would have been used for, I don't know, flying Superman-style are pruned because they won't be used anyway, same for the Force-style telekinesis and blowing up your nasty relatives with your mind. And then to be able to perform wandless magic again requires great skill and late neurogenesis which wizards could do because of their neural tissue's late telomere shortening or whatever. (I don't remember physiology anymore, I'm a bad student.) Wizards would, therefore, have at least three periods of pruning their synapses.

This brings me to another theory of mine, which I could only explain properly by use of an example. A wizard kid that we shall name Jackie showed magic in the form of flight. Jackie could fly but could not control it because Jackie's untrained. Jackie's future holds two possibilities: a. Jackie learns to control flight and practices even during Hogwarts, and b. Jackie does not learn how to control flight, or does not practice during Hogwarts. A would have Jackie flying like a boss and B would have Jackie like any other Hogwarts student.

And those are my theories.

I am amused at what I think of sometimes. Sometimes good amused, sometimes bad amused.
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Galileo Hernandez, that's right
24 October 2012 @ 12:10 pm
Hello, steampunkninja! It's been a while. I must have been too focused on beggarmanblues-ing and amorsolo-ing. Harhar.

Two movies had me agreeing with the villains’ (or supposed villains’) principles. Read: principles. Perfectly good movies that I love/really like. They’re The Dark Knight Rises and Argo. Spoilers possible.

If it keeps on raining, the levee's going to break.Collapse )
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Galileo Hernandez, that's right
01 September 2012 @ 09:55 pm
Sabihin man nating si Rizal ang nagmulat sa mata ng maraming mga Pilipino, nagawa niya ang lahat ng ito dahil sa o sa tulong ng isang mahalagang bagay: mayroon siyang magagamit na resorses.

Hindi naman sa hindi ko na hinahangaan si Rizal. Magaling pa rin siya, at kahit paano man natin baliktarin ang mga bagay-bagay, isa siyang napakahalagang impluwensiya sa buong propaganda at rebolusyon. Gayumpaman ay hindi ko na maalis sa utak ko ang dahilan kung bakit nagawa ni Rizal ang mga ito.

Sa totoo lang ay hindi ako nagulat sa pagmulat na ito. Hanggang ngayon ay ganyan pa rin ang sitwasyon. Ang mga maykaya ang nakatatamasa ng magandang edukasyon habang alam nila na kung ano mang mangyari ay may kinabukasan pa rin sila kahit papaano, kaya nila nakakayanang labanan ang sistema nang harap-harapan habang hindi pa sila kumikita. Ganoon din naman ang Kilusang Propaganda -mga akademikong nag-aral sa ibang bansa at namuhay kasama ang mga ideya ng kalayaan, muling pagsilang, subersibong pananaw, at ng buong konsepto ng pagiging ilustrado.

Ngunit papasok muli sa isip na umuwi si Rizal mula Europa at nilabanan pa rin ang Espanya gamit ang kanyang mga salita kahit na alam niyang madali siyang maipahuhuli kung sakaling itinuloy niya ang kanyang balak, na kanya namang ginawa. Alam na natin ang susunod.

Maaalala naman si Andres Bonifacio na hindi nakatapos ng pag-aaral ngunit nagsikap. Isa sa unang mga anak ng Katipunan at walang dudang isang tunay na matapang.

Marami-rami rin ang nagsasabing siya dapat ang pambansang bayani. Pinili lang ng mga Kano si Rizal dahil natakot silang baka maghimagsik muli ang mga Pilipino. Makikita kay Bonifacio ang tunay na marka ng isang bayani -katapangan at pagtanggap ng posibilidad na mawawala siya sa mundong ibabaw kahit na anong segundo sa labanan, lahat para sa Inang Bayan.

Ewan ko. Pareho naman silang gumawa at kumilos para sa ikabubuti ng bansa. Pareho naman silang may mga nakaaway na kasapi nila sa grupo. Si Rizal nga lang ay nagnais ng isang pakikipaglaban kung saan wala masyadong madadamay na ibang tao. Si Bonifacio naman ay hindi natakot sa isang rebolusyong magkakaroon ng mga bungang nagbibigay ng duda sa pagiging tama ng kanilang mga paraan.

Pareho naman silang nagbuwis ng buhay para sa Inang Bayan. Ang tanong ay kung magiging tulad ba ni Rizal ang isang taong walang resorses na mababagsakan kung sakali, kung magiging tulad ba ni Bonifacion ang mga taong matatapang at naniniwala sa kalayaan at hustisya, at iilan lang ba ang mga taong magiging ganoon.

Pero bakit nga ba natin kailangan ng mga bayani para maging maayos ang lagay natin? Kawawa ang bayang walang bayani, ngunit mas nakaaawa ang isang bayang nangagailangan ng bayani.*

*napulot sa Bayaning Third World
**lumang sanaysay, nakita sa kwaderno, naisip na hindi pa ito nailalagay; sabagay, Araw ng mga Bayani naman noong Lunes
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Galileo Hernandez, that's right
01 September 2012 @ 08:52 pm
Neil Gaiman started as a freelance journalist in his early twenties because he wanted to write. Lionel Messi left his home and went to La Masia when he was even younger. It sounds enticing, really. Leaving everything behind, doing what you really want to do, but the difference is that's Neil Gaiman and that's Lionel Messi.

Seven years.

That's how long it would be. But the culmination is still quite some time ahead.

In the first year, there were already doubts. Why did I? To feed myself. Second year, there were even more. Do I even want this as much as the other? No, not as much, and it never will be. But I still do. Third year came some dilemma. What could I do when there are a lot more better at this than I am? I'm living in a third world country with a bollocks health care system. She needs all that she can have. Three months into fourth year I have collected some more questions. Is this the kind of people who would serve my motherland? Would this be enough to get me started on this track I've set my eyes on? Can I keep my eyes on it for long enough? If I could, will I, when I have more responsibilities?

That's when it hits again, that Neil Gaiman is the Prince of Dreams and Lionel Messi is the greatest footballer people have seen since Diego Armando Maradona, and that sort of people come once every few decades. Or longer. They disregarded the other possible answers, and were actually more than good enough to accomplish what they want.

(Could you really leave your motherland to that sort of people?
Maybe, maybe not, but you have to start somewhere.
Probably. There would be people who will help you and keep your head on your body.
They would understand. After all, they've seen parts of the situation.

Good luck. To three and three-quarters more years of questions. Keep sane.
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Galileo Hernandez, that's right
22 July 2012 @ 10:38 pm

You have no idea how much I love this movie.

I would say that I enjoyed the build-up in The Dark Knight better but The Dark Knight Rises came off stronger than its predecessor. And all my emotions on this one. Which of the two is a better film, I would have to think for a longer time.

This isn’t a review because I’m too emotionally attached to Batman to actually make an objective review. And come on, the last time I cried in the theater was Harry Potter 7.2. Good job, Warner Brothers, you know the way to my heart.

of course, there are spoilersCollapse )

All this emotion makes me write incohesively. Sorry. :\

ETA: I'll try to make a legit essay on this thing, some things might change, some might not. Mind you, the above is a product of too much emotion and not much thinking. Although I can't make reviews, I may also point out the problems I had with the movie.