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24 October 2012 @ 12:10 pm
On agreeing with villains  
Hello, steampunkninja! It's been a while. I must have been too focused on beggarmanblues-ing and amorsolo-ing. Harhar.

Two movies had me agreeing with the villains’ (or supposed villains’) principles. Read: principles. Perfectly good movies that I love/really like. They’re The Dark Knight Rises and Argo. Spoilers possible.

TDKR: The Bane = Wall Street protest is quite clear, just taken to a new definition of extreme. And although the ‘giving Gotham back to the people’ is not really their main reason, it is part of it (I think? Correct me if I’m wrong). I’m not very knowledgeable in economics so take this opinion lightly: if the corporations have more to give, then why shouldn’t they be properly taxed? (I want no trouble.)

Back to TDKR, yes, I found myself agreeing with Bane more than once, but not their methods, because to descend anarchy into a city where, yes, nearly everybody’s hands are dirty, but take note of the nearly, is not a ship I would jump on. And really, because you would definitely trust Jonathan Crane to properly exact judgement.

ARGO: The Iranian protesters are not wrong to protest, to demand the return of the disgraced shah to be properly tried and sentenced, and to get absolutely angry for other countries deposing a leader that nationalized their resources, etc. They aren’t even villains, strictly speaking, but they were the portrayed hurdles that the characters have to overcome.

Anyway, I think I’m looking like some kind of pacifist here. No, I am not; not really. I believe in the power of revolution, just not the extremes. Actually, the situation in Argo is something I actually understand. I am not sure if I would join in, but I’m not entirely sure I would oppose, either.

Those things being said, I will repeat, I absolutely loved The Dark Knight Rises (I couldn’t say just how much, gods). I thought Argo was fucking awesome (Ben Affleck gets frustrating as a director because you think of some of the other movies he’s done and why can’t you star in movies as good as those you direct).

Person A: That gives you power over me?
Person B: Argo fuck yourself.


(realized I did not elaborate why I liked the movies but that's not the point here, and making me say why I like some things, especially TDKR is not good writing material because I'll just write something far from cohesive)

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